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MoControls is an XNA 4.0 GUI Library for graphic software and games. Although not directly a fork from Tom Shane's Neoforce Controls for XNA 3/4, it's havily inspired from and contains parts of its sourcecode.

The goal of the library is:
  • Make easy to develop a game or a software that uses DirectX graphics for the small developer
  • Allow the use of skins to redesign controls
  • Allow the extention of the code
  • Allow the portability of the code over Windows, Windows Phone 7 and XBOX

  • DirectX 9
  • XNA 4
  • Windows Phone 7.1 SDK
  • Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio Express will probably suits well for compiling the projects. Also, a Visual Studio edition designed to develop Windows Phone 7 apps will be installed with the Windows Phone 7 SDK.

The library is developed using spare time from my work and life, so the avalaibility of updates will change from time to time

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